3 Simple Ways to Say No to Your Partner

3 Simple Ways to Say 'No' to Your Partner

taught by Viknesvari P.

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3 Simple Ways to Say 'No' to Your Partner

In this guide you will learn:
(1) Why you struggle with saying 'no'
(2) 3 simple scripts to say 'no' to your partner
(3) Start to practice immediately! 

When you log in you will receive:
(1) MP3 Audio
(2) PDF guide with scripts for you to use
(3) How to begin saying 'no'

Dig in and start practicing these easy tips today!


Viknesvari P.
Viknesvari P.
Relationship Coach for Women

Hello beautiful soul!

I am a fun-loving woman from Singapore with an infectious deep-belly laughter! I love working with women to speak their true thoughts and feelings to their partners without feeling rejected or judged!